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21st Century Library Program

Establish your library as a destination point beyond books

Books tell stories that allow readers to reach for the stars and imagine big ideas. Similarly, the 21st Century Library program lets libraries write and live their own stories to show that they are about so much more than books. Through this evolving program, Whitehots is creating genuine partnerships with libraries to realize creative ideas in practical, real world applications. By considering more than just the books on your shelves, you can create a destination, perhaps even a haven, to draw more patrons to your library and increase your circulation.

The elements of a successful library destination – avoiding the “book only trap”

How can you make your library a destination that people want to visit? It starts with books and then ventures beyond them to create an experience, and Whitehots can help you do this because we visit libraries across Canada, participating in their initiatives and gaining insights from the ideas that work. Here are some of the key elements that libraries of the future need to consider:


Fresh, relevant content

For all that libraries can become, books and information will always remain at their very heart. This means keeping your shelves stocked with the best selection of relevant materials in the formats the public is using. This may include unique materials such as multicultural collections that are tailored to your community, as well as offering materials in e-book formats. Whitehots can help you to assess your collection and make recommendations, but we go beyond this consultancy role into taking action on the information collected for measurable results. Our Hotlists and collection development services facilitate the work of your selections department to keep your library relevant to today’s patrons.

Marketing & Membership Drives

Marketing has changed with the advent of social media and other technologies, and Whitehots can help you to engage your patrons to develop your memberships. We can help you come up with creative ideas for membership drives and partner with you far beyond the acquisition of books to drive your success. We also offer innovative tools, such as our Patron Driven Acquistions system that give your patrons a voice in building your collection so that the materials on your shelves will keep them coming back.

Library Planning and Design

Whitehots visits major libraries throughout Canada on a regular basis, so take advantage of the context our firsthand knowledge gives us in terms of what can be achieved.* There are so many ways to reconsider your library interior and effective ways to engage users in your various sections.

One of the best features of the 21st Century Library Program is that it allows you to partner with Whitehots according to your needs, regardless of acquisitions. If your current library supplier is meeting your needs, you may choose to partner with us solely for the consultancy, expertise, and action that we can bring to creating your library destination.


Contact us to discover the possibilities and let us help you manage your library into the 21st Century and beyond with Intelligent Library Solutions.

Beyond Books

Beyond Books

Create a new kind of library experience for your patrons, with tools from technology to decor.

Whitehots has the experience to help you move your library into the future.

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