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    Transforming Libraries

All-In-One Axis 360 Mobile App - Coming Soon! 

In July 2015, the all-in-one Axis 360 mobile app will be here! With this release:
  • Say goodbye to multiple apps: Discover and Read/Listen in one app
    • eBook reading and eAudiobook listening are both included within the Axis 360 app
    • The Acoustik, Blio and axisReader apps will no longer be needed
  • No need to select the format of your eBook:
    • We provide an intuitive, single format for checkout
    • Simply select your title and then tap Checkout
    • eAudiobooks play instantly within the Axis 360 mobile app 

eBooks will download and open within the Axis 360 mobile app for an enhanced reading experience. In most cases, you can begin reading instantly! The Axis 360 mobile app is all you need! Our mobile app provides a single user experience for both eBooks and eAudiobooks! With hundreds of thousands of titles available from major publishers, as well as independent authors, Axis 360 is your single source for the eBook and eAudiobook titles your users will be looking for.

In the coming weeks, the Axis 360 team will provide all the resources necessary to navigate this change. Resources will include FAQs, online webinars, app training, legacy app retirement schedules and more to make the transition seamless. As part of our transition resources, we will offer colorful Web ads, posters, shelf-talkers and more to enable awareness for your patrons via our Axis 360 Marketing Support portal. You can simply download and use the assets as needed.

The Axis 360 team encourages you to download the current version of the Axis 360 app to avoid any interruption in service when it is updated.

Look out for more transition-related information in the coming weeks. The Axis 360 team is always here for your queries, comments and suggestions. Please direct them to: axis360support@baker-taylor.com

Beyond Books

Beyond Books

Create a new kind of library experience for your patrons, with tools from technology to decor.

Whitehots has the experience to help you move your library into the future.

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