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    Strategic Thinking, Intelligent Solutions

Collection Development

Let Whitehots facilitate your library’s collection development

The Whitehots team is knowledgeable about smart choices for developing any aspect of your collection. From children’s picture books to home repair DIY and any other subject, we can work with your available budget to recommend a list of titles for specific areas of your collection.

Let our selection team recommend the most relevant material as you refine and build a collection that will please patrons and increase your circulation. We’ll create a customized shopping cart based on your criteria and share it with you. You can review the cart yourself, or collaborate with your team. The cart is ready to be submitted for order in its entirety, or you can edit and adjust until you have exactly the titles you want and need.


Contact us today to learn more about how you can engage with our team to revitalize your collection. 

Beyond Books

Beyond Books

Create a new kind of library experience for your patrons, with tools from technology to decor.

Whitehots has the experience to help you move your library into the future.

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