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Health & Wellness at Whitehots

Whitehots is happy to announce the launch of its Employee Health & Wellness program this spring.

The program runs for 14 months and is designed to be a fun way to encourage wellbeing, team building and engagement.  It is a comprehensive program that targets all facets of health and wellbeing over time and includes the key components of success – motivation, participation, education and accountability.

At the core of the program are 4 main Focus Areas:
  • Nutrition Fundamentals        Goal – improving eating habits
  • Get Moving                                   Goal – increasing effective physical activity
  • Stress Reduction                       Goal – lowering stress and building psychological strength
  • Boost Your Immunity               Goal – prevention and reduction of infections and disease

Health and WellnessEach focus area will begin with an expert advisor delivering a motivating and informative live workshop.  This Kick-Off Event will prepare employees for the fun, thoughtfully designed activities and education that will be in the weeks to follow.


At the heart of our program is our Wellness Committee.  The Committee is made up of internal employees and is responsible for facilitating the Whitehots Health and Wellness Program.  The committee is a crucial factor in the success of the program.  All education, activities, email communication and program management will be executed by the Committee.

Meet Our Wellness Committee

Wellness Committee Chair: Joanna Culver
Co-Chair: Sharon Culver
News Bite Coordinator: Donna Williams
Event Coordinator: Sari Markson
Event Coordinator: Priscilla Carvahlo

We are hoping this program provides an opportunity and a culture that endorses behaviors that allow employees to be healthier and happier. 

Health and happiness are infectious and it is one outbreak we are happy to spread!

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Beyond Books

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