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    Strategic Thinking, Intelligent Solutions

Why Move the Needle?

An effective library supplier for over 25 years, Whitehots recognizes that libraries face continuing challenges to offer content that is vibrant, appealing, available and accessible in a variety of formats in order to remain relevant to their communities and competitive with for-profit organizations.

At Whitehots we believe that an important part of our role in partnering with libraries is in offering innovative library solutions and services that will transform static and underused collections into showcased marketplaces actively promoted by engaged, knowledgeable staff in tune with the needs of their customers.

Move the Needle is a comprehensive library content management and marketing program developed by Whitehots to support your goals in building and promoting the right collections – in all formats - for your library customers.

What's In It For You?

Through the Move the Needle program, Whitehots will help you address the growing demands of your informed and unique customers and to develop creative marketing initiatives that can build customer engagement and increase circulation statistics while still managing your budgetary and technological realities.

Move the Needle saves you time and money so that you can focus your energy and attention on expanding your merchandising plans, strengthening staff engagement with customers and pro-actively marketing your library content. Using the valuable information and services provided in the Move the Needle program you and your staff can pro-actively design creative ways to attract more customers to your library to explore, discover and be inspired by your content - and, ultimately, to boost your circulation statistics!


Intelligent Library Solutions

Library solutions and services that go beyond books to help libraries thrive today and in the future

Whitehots is an effective library supplier and so much more. We recognize that libraries are facing new challenges as the world shifts more rapidly each day from paper to technology, from books to e-books, from in person interactions to online transactions.

We understand these changes because we have been experiencing them with our libraries for over 25 years. We believe that an important part of our role in partnering with libraries and building their success is to anticipate change and offer solutions to help libraries stay ahead of technological advancements and to remain in tune with the needs of their patrons.

Learn about the diverse library solutions we have developed to help Canadian libraries streamline acquisitions while building more effective collections:


While Whitehots can fulfill your acquisitions wish lists, many of these programs can also add value to your library. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you address the growing demands of your informed patrons while managing your budgetary and technological realities.

Beyond Books

Beyond Books

Create a new kind of library experience for your patrons, with tools from technology to decor.

Whitehots has the experience to help you move your library into the future.

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