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"My Stories, My Times" by Jean Chrétien

11 Jun 2018

TORONTO, June 11, 2018 /CNW/ - Random House Canada announced My Stories, My Times by Jean Chrétien, on sale October 23, 2018.

Published to coincide with the 25-year anniversary of Mr. Chrétien becoming Canada's prime minister for the first of three consecutive majority terms, My Stories, My Times is written in Jean Chrétien's unmistakable voice, as he recounts amusing and illuminating anecdotes from his life before, during and after politics.

Recently the subject of a two-part documentary airing on the Documentary Channel and ICI Radio-Canada Télé, Jean Chrétien has continued to stay active after stepping down from politics, serving on numerous international boards and as counsel at Dentons in Ottawa.

Mr. Chrétien described this new project: "It's a different kind of book – it's not a biography but the stories I find myself telling my friends and family, that I wanted to share with others. So I picked up my pen and I wrote them down."

Random House Canada senior editor Pamela Murray said: "Whether recounting tales of growing up in Shawinigan, standing up for Canada as Prime Minister or paying tribute to modern political legends, Jean Chrétien proves himself an entertaining raconteur, telling stories that are touching, informative, charming and funny. This book is a treat for everyone who admires and respects one of the most successful leaders in modern times."

Published simultaneously in French by Éditions La Presse (Mes histoires:récits), Random House Canada's edition has been translated by two of the country's preeminent translators, Sheila Fischman and Donald Winkler. My Stories, My Times will be available for purchase in hardcover, ebook and audiobook formats.

SOURCE:  Penguin Random House Canada Limited   June 11, 2018   |   click to view original article

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