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Pest Control Preventative Maintenance Program

Important Notice!

Recently bed bugs have become a major talking point within the library community. In an area where we knew very little, we have become experts in a short space of time. This notice is to provide our valued clients with up-to-date information on our proactive response to this issue.

  • For the past year we have ceased reusing cartons, and packing materials from supplier shipments.
  • All these materials are removed from our building immediately, and stored outside to be recycled.
  • For all outgoing shipments we use new cartons and new packing paper.
  • We have partnered with Abell Pest Control, a leading company in the area of pest control.                                                                                          

We will continue to have regular scheduled monthly inspections of our Aurora facility. This includes regular canine inspections. We have also installed ‘verify’ units that attract any bed bugs that may be present. Our latest canine inspections were last week in our warehouse and offices.

We are pleased to report that we had a clean inspection, and there were absolutely no hits for bed bugs, or any traces thereof.

Our preventative maintenance program will continue, and we will be happy to report our findings as we proceed. The measures we are taking will appease any uncertainty you may have, and greatly decrease the possibility of us unknowingly transmitting bed bugs.





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