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Pre-Publication Selection Lists

Streamline your library acquisitions while anticipating your patrons’ enthusiasm for the latest titles

Whitehots helps you to stay ahead of the publication curve with Pre-Publication Selection Lists. Our relationships with publishers allow us to compile lists of upcoming titles. Our Hotlists have been available to libraries for over 25 years and have a respected reputation for effectively covering new releases in all major areas of library collection development.

Enjoy the convenience of our Hotlists, which make your purchasing easier and more efficient than ever. When accessing these Pre-Publication Selection Lists through The Whitehots Hub, you can view all of the details for every title on the list, including reviews and annotations, cutting down on research time because we have already sourced the information for you.


Speak to us to discover how you can enjoy the benefits of Whitehots’ renowned Hotlists to keep your collection current with the latest releases as soon as they are available.

Beyond Books

Beyond Books

Create a new kind of library experience for your patrons, with tools from technology to decor.

Whitehots has the experience to help you move your library into the future.

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