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Support local literacy with Green Reads

Green Reads

About Us

At Green Reads, we love books… all books – from the new releases pre-ordered and anxiously anticipated, to the dog-eared, much loved classics read too many times to count.  We believe all books deserve a home and that no book should ever end up in a landfill.  The best way to reduce the carbon footprint of a book is to reuse it – reread it, pass it on, resell it.  

Green Reads vending machines reduce the carbon footprint of a book by reselling it, in the most environmentally-friendly way possible – using no electricity and local servicing.   Our machines are designed to be placed in locations where people are looking for quality, quiet entertainment at a good price – all books, from hardcovers to paperbacks, are just $2.  

Our machines are unique because they are:

  • GREEN - require no electricity and are designed to be managed locally
  • FLEXIBLE - can be placed inside or outside and can dispense a wide range of book sizes from paperbacks to hardcovers
  • SUSTAINABLE – meet all accessibility design standards for Canada/USA and have an integrated donation box that accepts books safely and securely
  • MADE IN CANADA – made in Abbotsford, BC and managed from Barrie, ON


The machine gives libraries, charities, and book retailers the ability to easily collect and sell used books in locations around their communities.

What will our funding be used for?

We have tested our prototype, and are now ready to do our first production run of beta machines for the Canadian market.  The money from this campaign will pay for the beta production run of 15 machines and associated costs such as tax and shipping, as well as the required marketing materials, such as user guides.

If we don’t meet our full goal, whatever funds are raised will go to the beta production of a smaller number of machines. 

What’s unique about our funding request?

You are helping us, so we are paying it forward - none of the machines built using funding from this campaign will be resold by Green Reads for a profit.  All 15 beta machines built using money from this campaign will be donated to help Canadian libraries or non-profits support their local programming with the sustainable revenue stream created by selling used books.  If we exceed our $75,000 target, we will keep building and donating machines for each $5000 increment.

The following BETA BUDDIES have signed up to receive a Green Reads machine as part of this campaign:

  • Barrie Central Collegiate
  • King Township Public Library
  • Nantyr Shores Secondary School
  • Newmarket Public Library
  • Vaughan Public Libraries

We will also be running a "Green Reads at the GO" campaign for a GO transit pilot at the two Barrie GO train stations, supporting the Barrie Public Library. 

Don’t have a local campaign for your area yet?  Donate to our general support categories to help us build the machines and we will use your money to top up any local campaigns that miss their target.  You can also choose to support our overall campaign by becoming a Green Reads Fan ($10), or a Green Reads Ultimate Fan ($100).  

Want to recommend a favourite non-profit for library for a machine?  Choose BETA BUDDY Nomination for $100 and we will contact the Canadian charity of your choice and offer them a perk category, or choose Charity Angel to buy them a machine for $5000.

Help us keep good books going and support literacy!

Green Reads Incorporated is a 1% for the Planet Partner.  1% of funds raised in our campaign will be donated to Tree Canada.

The Fine Print - any BETA BUDDIES that do not meet their $5000 target will be topped up by our general funds for the campaign if possible or will have their contributions applied back to general funding.  We will update all contributors about the status of their perk category at the end of the campaign.

Source: indiegogo.com


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