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Staying Connected Through Uncertain Times

Mar 24, 2020, 15:55 PM by Edmund Salt
Whitehots is committed to serving our library customers to the best of our ability through this difficult time.
Let's Stay Connected

Books and their stories have a unique ability to connect readers to the world, and more importantly each other. It’s one of reasons libraries are so vital to their communities, and why the work we do at Whitehots is important.

Yesterday, Preimer Doug Ford gave the order for all non-essential businesses to close their doors for at least 14 days in an effort to slow the spread of COVID-19.

Although our warehouse, and cataloguing and processing departments will be temporarily closed, our admin and selection teams are all working remotely from home. We will still be accepting orders, purchasing product from our suppliers, and answering any questions you may have. We have an amazing group, and as far as we can, we will continue to serve you through this difficult time.

We'll communicate news of any changes as quickly as we can. We will answer any questions you may have. If we can help, just reach out. Let's continue to talk. Our librarian customers have spent a lifetime sharing stories, now is the time to use that skill.



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