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Author Interview & Summer Book Club Picks

Jun 22, 2021, 09:25 AM by Edmund Salt
Author Alex Michaelides talks about his latest psychological-thriller-meets-Greek-tragedy novel, 'The Maidens'. See the latest buzz-worthy book club picks for the summer.
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Summer is here and so are our Fall Bestseller lists! Don't miss the season's highly anticipated, buzz-worthy bestsellers. See our Fall Bestseller hotlists →

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Book Club Picks for June 2021

summer book club picks

Summer is ramping up, and there are no shortage of sizzling blockbusters to choose from. Whether your plans are to unwind in the backyard with a cold beverage or lounging poolside, we've got your weekend booked with bestseller picks from popular book clubs.

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Alex Michaelides on the most unsettling elements of 'The Maidens'

The Maidens by Alex Michaelides

Alex Michaelides broke sales records with his 2019 debut novel, the psychological-thriller-meets-Greek-tragedy The Silent Patient, and now he's revisiting that formula for success in Maidens. Set at Cambridge University, where a student has just been murdered, the story follows group therapist Mariana Andros, an alum who returns to campus to help her niece (a friend of the victim) and quickly fingers classics professor Edward Fosca as a suspect; he has the requisite darkness, and his adoring students have formed a troubling secret society.

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