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  • February 02 2016
    What is Lone Stars?
    Loan Stars is the new readers’ advisory service that allows library staff across Canada to collaboratively select their favourite forthcoming titles
  • January 14 2016
    The Hot and Cold Book Categories of 2015
    It's difficult to overstate the impact adult coloring books had on print sales last year, with the coloring-book craze driving large gains in several categories. The hottest category in 2015 was art/architecture/photography, which had a 60% increase in unit sales in 2015 over 2014 at outlets that report to Nielsen BookScan.
  • January 12 2016
    Unit Sales of Print Up in 2015
    Unit sales of print books rose 2.8% in 2015 over the previous year, following a 2.4% increase in 2014
  • December 16 2015
    Home Library Size Can Impact Student Reading Levels
    Perhaps the strongest case for a household full of print books came from a 2014 study published in the sociology journal Social Forces. Researchers measured the impact of the size of home libraries on the reading level of 15-year-old students across 42 nations, controlling for wealth, parents’ education and occupations, gender and the country’s gross national product.
  • December 07 2015
    Long Line at the Library? It’s Story Time Again
    Workers at the 67th Street Library on the Upper East Side of Manhattan turn away at least 10 people from every reading. They have been so overwhelmed by the rush at story time — held in the branch’s largest room, on the third floor — that once the space is full, they close the door and shut down the elevator. “It is so crowded and so popular, it’s insane,” Jacqueline Schector, a librarian, said.
  • December 03 2015
    Penguin Random House Unifies E-book Terms for Libraries
    Ever since the merger between Random House and Penguin was announced, librarians have been left to wonder which terms of sale for library e-books would ultimately win out: Penguin’s cheaper, but limited licensing terms? Or Random House’s more expensive, but perpetual access terms? Now, we know: it will be the Random House terms.
  • November 25 2015
    Old fashioned books still strong sellers in a digital world.
    Remember when everyone thought Amazon’s Kindle would be the end of bookstores? Fast-forward to 2015 and books, yes actual books with pages and a cover, are making a comeback and e-readers fade in popularity.
  • November 16 2015
    New Shakespeare & Co. Owner Envisions a National Bookstore Chain
    Dane Neller, cofounder and CEO of On Demand Books (the maker of the Espresso Book Machine), has joined what he regards as “the retail renaissance”: the move away from big-box stores to smaller venues with strong customer service. Read More...
  • November 16 2015
    Latest Diary of a Wimpy Kid Debuts as Global Bestseller
    Following its simultaneous 90-country-wide global release on Tuesday, November 3, the 10th Wimpy Kid volume from Jeff Kinney, Old School, has sold more than 1,000,000 copies in its first week, publisher Abrams reported.
  • November 09 2015
    Young People Read More Books Than Other Americans, Study Shows
    According to a new Pew Research Center study, young Americans are more voracious readers than other age demographics. Eighty percent of citizens ages 18-29 have read a book in the last year, compared to 71 percent of those ages 30-49, and 68 percent for those ages 50-64.

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