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  • May 20 2015
    All-In-One Axis 360 Mobile App - Coming Soon!
    In July 2015, the all-in-one Axis 360 mobile app will be here!
  • May 19 2015
    A Century of Alfred A. Knopf
    In 1915, after working as a page at Doubleday and with publisher Mitchell Kennerley, Alfred A. Knopf accepted a $5,000 advance from his father to begin an eponymous publisher.
  • May 19 2015
    Making for STEM Success - Creating a community of tinkerers
    I’s a frustrating paradox: While the US is a technology-development powerhouse, its children perform well below their counterparts in many other developed nations in math and science.
  • May 08 2015
    Libraries Make Space For 3-D Printers; Rules Are Sure To Follow
    At hundreds of libraries across the U.S., 3-D printers can sometimes be heard whirring in the background, part of an effort to encourage interest in the new technology and foster DIY "maker spaces."
  • April 29 2015
    Jian Ghomeshi to be the subject of a new book by Kevin Donovan
    The publication promises an in-depth look at the events leading to Jian’s arrest, from the climate behind the scenes at the public broadcaster to background on the radio host’s life and rise to fame.
  • April 15 2015
    Top Library Recommended Titles for May
    LibraryReads, the nationwide library staff-picks list, offers the top 10 May titles public library staff across the country love:
  • April 15 2015
    New State of America’s Libraries Report finds shift in role of U.S. libraries
    According to The State of America’s Libraries Report released today by the American Library Association (ALA), academic, public and school libraries are experiencing a shift in how they are perceived by their communities and society.
  • April 14 2015
    Managing Multiplicity | Library Systems Landscape 2015
    Selecting a library management system is never an easy decision. Vendors of integrated library systems (ILS) offer solutions tailored to public, academic, school, and special libraries, but even when organized by type, libraries are hardly one-size-fits-all organizations. Choosing a new vendor tends to mean a major investment, with a multiyear commitment to a solution that often will require new training, adaptation, and trade-offs among cost, features, and functionality.
  • March 30 2015
    Cover Reveal: Harper Lee's 'Go Set a Watchman'
    HarperCollins unveiled the jacket of the hotly anticipated novel, with president and publisher of general books Michael Morrison noting that the design "draws on the style of the decade the book was written, but with a modern twist."
  • March 19 2015
    Stephen King to share writing tips in new short story collection
    Stephen King is set to give his first major insights into the writing process since his acclaimed On Writing, in a new collection of short stories due out this winter.

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